Tools for the trade

I realised these two first posts on workstations and tools were a little like a chicken egg story. What came first a workstation space or the tools? Well, if you’re like me and looking to build this workspace, then tools should be first. But here I am talking tools in my second blog post – bear with me.


For me, it is important that I don’t just go out and buy my first set of tools without having some¬†understanding around what I need, safety precautions and which brands would work best for me and last.


I will be working with the team at Leroy Merlin to help guide my purchase and strategy around ‘tool acquisition’. But in the meantime, I have put together some points to consider if you’re like me and looking to buy your first set of tools.

  • Buy a toolset that is based on your needs. Your decision shouldn’t be made by the number of pieces included, but rather that you get the tools you need.
  • Look for tools with durable materials like iron or steel, and rust resistant plating.
  • For ladies with small hands like myself, invest in custom tools or adapted toolsets with narrow handles. For delicate hands, a set with cushioned grips will help minimise the risk of getting blisters or calluses.
  • Most sets will come with their own belts, bags or cases, which is ideal for keeping your workspace neat and tools in their right place.


Then with regards to safety:

  • Stating the obvious but worth mentioning, make sure you are using the right tool for the job to eliminate accidents and that they are in good working condition.
  • Wear protective goggles, dust masks, thick gloves that have a strong grip to avoid slipping and would also recommend long sleeves and pants, and closed toe shoes or boots.
  • Never carry tools by their tips, head or points.
  • Use clamps to steady projects.
  • Lastly and I’m not sure this is top of mind for many but should be, keep a fire extinguisher¬†and first aid kit nearby in your workspace.



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